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Business headshots are vital for creating trust. People want to do business with people, not faceless companies, so a professional headshot is an important way to create a personal connection with customers and clients.

I offer both studio and location sessions for companies and individuals, creating high quality, professional headshots with a minimum of fuss and disruption to your working day.

If you just need one simple headshot, you can book a 20 min express session at my Cardiff studio using the booking form below. If you need more options, or you have a team to photograph on location, let me know and we can discuss your exact requirements.

Scroll down to read about my new "Hybrid Photography" service to deal with the new WFH world we live in...



It can be difficult to get everyone into the office on the same day for a photo shoot, especially now that hybrid working has become more common. So I now offer "hybrid photography" - the perfect combination of location and studio...

1. Book your main photo shoot day and photograph everyone in the office. I bring a backdrop and make notes so I can reproduce the same "look" in the studio later.
2. Pay via invoice for a set number of studio sessions if required.
3. You receive a set of booking codes to allow any additional people to book themselves in to the studio to receive matching images that will blend seamlessly with the original shoot. Same background, same lighting.

Someone off sick on the day of the shoot? Hired an extra person a week after you photographed everyone? Not a problem. Simply send them to the studio for 20 minutes and receive a headshot that looks the same as all the ones we did at your office.

No more dodgy iPhone pics filling in the gaps!



Pricing is based on the number of finished retouched images required. All prices are quoted excl. VAT.

On Location (incl. travel in South Wales)

Half day (up to 4 hrs, including the first 10 retouched images) - £500
Full day (up to 8 hrs, including the first 20 retouched images) - £750
Each additional retouched image requested - £25

As an example, if you have 25 people and require one image per person, the cost would be £750 for the first 20, plus £25 each for the additional 5, making a final total of £875.

In Cardiff Studio

Individual Session (20 min, 1 retouched image) - £80
10+ individual sessions ordered together - £65 each
Each additional retouched image requested - £25

The Mobile Studio

You're busy, so I can bring the studio to you. All you need to do is provide a space for me to set up.


An on-location shoot in a hotel meeting room. Easy to reconstruct back at the studio when needed.


The same setup in my studio - same lighting, same backdrop.



How much space do you need to set up? What kind of room is suitable?

Most meeting/conference rooms are usually fine. The more space the better, but a space of around 4mx3m is usually plenty. The important thing is that we can clear the floor area, either by moving tables and chairs out of the room or stacking them in the corner. It's also important that I can park on site so I can unload equipment easily. If you're short of space at your office, you can come to my Cardiff studio instead!

How many people can you photograph in one day?

It depends on you and your staff. The first hour is for getting in and setting up the backdrop and lighting. After that it usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes per person to take the pictures and have them go through them on the laptop and choose their favourite. If you'd like more posing, lighting or clothing options we can allow more time. You can either let people drop by as they're available during the day, or you can schedule each person a timed slot to ensure everyone gets their turn. We can discuss this when you book.

Not everyone is available at the same time? Can I book multiple days?

Of course. Depending on your location and how many days you need, we can negotiate a suitable rate. Alternatively people can schedule themselves a studio session using my "Hybrid Photography" system mentioned above..

What can we do with the pictures?

On your invoice the usage rights will be noted as "Unlimited use by the client, excluding commercial advertising." So your company can use the pictures anywhere for as long as you need, but not for paid advertising. If you do need to use the images in commercial advertising I can quote for this separately.

Can we choose a backdrop?

I usually have white and grey available, but if you'd like a colour to match your company branding, or just to make the pictures a bit more fun and lively, I can order a wide range of different paper backdrops. They cost £60 for a roll and you can keep it after the shoot if you want it! Alternatively, you can use part of your office as a backdrop.

Do you do black and white?

I shoot everything in colour on digital cameras but I can supply black and white versions if you prefer.

We already have some headshots that were done previously, can you match those for our new staff?

I'm usually pretty good at figuring out how a set of pictures was done, so if you already have a set of headshots you're happy with, but you need to add new ones for additional staff, let me know and I can try to match lighting and backdrops to ensure a consistent look.

Do people get to choose their favourite picture?

Yes. I like to let people see the results and choose their favourite on the day as this saves a lot of time later. This way people can be happy with the picture used by the company to represent them, and I can get on with the retouching as soon as possible after the shoot, without needing to wait for people's choices to come through. I shoot with my camera tethered to a laptop or iPad so the images are instantly available to view. We'll go through the pictures and choose a favourite there and then, and this will then be retouched and delivered as the final image.

What kind of retouching do you do?

Every selected image is lightly retouched before delivery. I adjust crop, colour and contrast, gently smooth out skin and clean up temporary marks or blemishes, and remove the occasional stray hair. I don't make people slimmer, make their noses smaller, or turn them into plastic mannequins!

How long does it take before we get the photographs?

I generally aim to have finished, retouched images delivered within 5 working days, although its often sooner. If you're on a tight deadline, let me know and I'll do my best to get them ready for you in time.

What areas of the country do you cover?

Anywhere you need! I'm based in South Wales but I'm happy to travel anywhere in the country subject to negotiating suitable rates and expenses.

Can we also get some other portraits of the boss/directors/MD/chief exec?

Of course! I love to get creative and shoot environmental portraits around the company. We can use different locations, props, lighting etc and get whatever you need. Get in touch and we can discuss the details and work out a bespoke quote.



If you just need a simple, professional headshot, with the minimum of fuss, book this 20 min session at my Cardiff studio. Everything will be set up ready when you arrive, we'll shoot, you can see the images on a big screen and pick your favourite right there and then. A fully retouched image will then be supplied within a few days. Simple!

If you're a company organising sessions for your people, you can pay for as many sessions as you need by invoice, and receive a set of coupon codes so each person can book themselves in when its convenient for them. Discounts are available for multi-session orders.

Need something more? Visit my dedicated studio website at to book a full session.

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